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Elias Dummer


Elias Dummer is a Canadian songwriter, recording artist, and entrepreneur who first gained prominence as the frontman of The City Harmonic, a Covenant and Juno-awarded band where he served as the principal songwriter. Known for his thoughtful prose, dynamic musicality, and spirited presence, Elias has amassed over 100 million streams, 13 GMA Canada Covenant Awards, and recurring chart appearances the world over. He’s appeared on many of music’s biggest stages and has been published or featured on internationally recognized platforms, including NBC, CBC, Christianity Today, Relevant Magazine, The Washington Post and The Huffington Post. As an entrepreneur, he founded Rockfirm Marketing, serving high-profile brands and small businesses alike. Over the past several years, Elias has also helped to foster the growth of visual artists through innovative platforms like Square Foot Show, Artlabel, and now, Crown and Press, a fine art gallery and cafe in his hometown of Hamilton. Elias’s impact also extends to academia, where he has co-founded a research project alongside scholars from Baylor, Belmont, and SWU universities, exploring the delicate relationship between the worship music industry and the local church. With a multifaceted career at the convergence of music, entrepreneurship, and public discourse on faith and culture, Elias stands as a unique voice in today’s cultural landscape.

Awards and Nominations

43rd Covenant Awards and Conference

  • Recipient of the Rock Artist of the Year Award
  • Recipient of the Male Vocalist of the Year Award
  • Nominated for the Artist of the Year Award
  • Nominated for the Album of the Year Award
  • 41st Covenant Awards

  • Recipient of the Breakthrough Artist of the Year Award
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    released 2018-11-20