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by Elias Dummer released 2021-07-09 Uploaded 2023-07-20 15:44:02
Written by Elias Dummer, Ben Cantelon

Genre: Praise and Worship

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Come with faith like a child: bring trust and wonder
And hands lifted higher and higher
Cause You know He’ll carry You home 

Come with faith like the young: bring dreams and vision
And a heart that burns with desire
To see the kingdom come
It burns with desire
To see the kingdom come 

Our God is here with us 
Holy spirit 
Meet us as we are
Awake in us Your holy fire
All we want is all You are
Here in expect    -  a    - tion 

Come with faith by a thread: bring doubt and hurt 
And the questions that echo in Your head
‘cause God can take it

Come with faith like the old: bring dreams and wisdom
And a heart that knows the difference 
Between doubt and a love grown cold 
Still burns with desire 
To see the kingdom come 

To see Your power 
To see You move 
To see these dry bones
Dance like new
To taste for a moment
What heaven can do 
When You make a promise You
Always come through


Elias Dummer is a Canadian songwriter, recording artist, and entrepreneur who first gained prominence as the frontman of The City Harmonic, a Covenant and Juno-awarded band where he served as the principal songwriter. Known for his thoughtful prose, dynamic musicality, and spirited presence, Elias has amassed over 100 million streams, 13 GMA Canada Covenant Awards, and recurring chart appearances the world over. He’s appeared on many of music’s biggest stages and has been published or featured on internationally recognized platforms, including NBC, CBC, Christianity Today, Relevant Magazine, The Washington Post and The Huffington Post... [more]