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First Love (Official Music Video) by Katie Williams 3
(released 2023-05-05)

My Home by Jake Fretz 2
(released 2023-04-21)

Death To Life by Tha Gate Keepa 6
(released 2023-04-21)

Almost Home by Ruth Manning 2
(released 2023-04-14)

Like Cargo by Amy Savin 2
(released 2023-01-27)

Look Up by Jake Fretz 1
(released 2022-10-07)

THE GALLOWS by Joshua Leventhal 3
(released 2022-08-26)

The Great Congregation by Mike Janzen 1
(released 2022-05-31)

The Show Must Go by All Above Me 0
(released 2022-03-25)

Just Before The Silent Night by Brian Doerksen 1
(released 2020-11-20)

I Guess It's Complicated by One8tea 0
(released 2020-10-30)

Hope (feat. Chelsea Amber) by Brant Pethick 3
(released 2020-04-17)

Heavenly Harvest by Rosemary Siemens 0
(released 2018-07-31)

Face the Waves by Chelsea Amber 1
(released 2018-06-08)

Wherever I Go by Dan Bremnes 0
(released 2018-06-08)

If Jesus Is The Face of God by Brian Doerksen 2
(released 2018-02-23)

Amour by Mylen Query 2
(released 2017-11-03)

My God, He Said by Johnny Summers 1
(released 2017-05-01)

Scars On His Hands by Brian Doerksen 1
(released 2016-07-13)

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Damara Melissa

Damara Melissa is a singer-songwriter from Ontario Canada whose music is driven by her faith. Her soulful voice mixed with her pop melodies and style, bring a unique vibe to the Contemporary Christian Music space...