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Make Us Slaves by Jason Silver 0
(released 2024-06-01)

How Far I've Come by Suzanne Vaartstra 0
(released 2024-05-17)

Grounded in You by Suzanne Vaartstra 0
(released 2024-05-17)

Trust in the Lord by Suzanne Vaartstra 0
(released 2024-05-17)

Weary Traveller by Suzanne Vaartstra 0
(released 2024-05-17)

Our Great High Priest by Jason Silver 0
(released 2024-03-08)

Angel by Cassidy Doerksen 0
(released 2023-12-01)

Never Near by Cassidy Doerksen 0
(released 2023-12-01)

A Crown of Beauty by Jason Silver 0
(released 2023-11-12)

Sunshine feat. Tirrell Thomas, Nappy204 & Tone Jonez by DJC2 2
(released 2023-09-01)

Someday feat. Fresh IE & One8Tea by DJC2 2
(released 2023-09-01)

Homecoming feat. Fresh IE by DJC2 2
(released 2023-09-01)

No More Hiding by Tianna Dominique 1
(released 2023-09-01)

C'est Ça la Vie by CC Harvey 1
(released 2023-06-28)

You Are Peace by Matt LeFait 4
(released 2023-06-23)

New by Claire Odogbo 1
(released 2023-06-23)

consistently by Elenee 5
(released 2023-06-16)

What Comes After Grief? (feat. Philip Janz) by Bev Foster 1
(released 2023-06-09)

Carry Me by Bev Foster 1
(released 2023-06-09)

Promise of Hope by Bev Foster 1
(released 2023-06-09)

What Comes After Grief by Philip Janz 0
(released 2023-06-08)

Hold My Hands Up by Kristin Joy Ritchie 2
(released 2023-06-02)

O Little Child by Bob Hawkins 1
(released 2023-05-30)

Goodness of the Lord by Lola Farinu 0
(released 2023-05-05)

My Home by Jake Fretz 2
(released 2023-04-21)

My Home by Cynthia Lok 2
(released 2023-04-21)

Broke the Roof by Andrea Vestby 1
(released 2023-04-21)

Fight For Me by Chinenye Akaluka 3
(released 2023-04-07)

Grace by Danah-Lee 1
(released 2023-04-06)

Second Chances by Carine Bado 3
(released 2023-02-23)

Try Again by Stirling John 2
(released 2023-02-12)

Walk In a Manner Worthy of the Lord (Col 1:9-14) by Jason Silver 5
(released 2023-02-04)

Like Cargo by Amy Savin 2
(released 2023-01-27)

Near to the Throne by D. Bruce Moore 1
(released 2022-11-20)

John 15:18-25, New King James Version by Jason Silver 4
(released 2022-10-19)

My Jesus I Love You by Shireen Spencer 1
(released 2022-10-19)

Get To Jesus by Shireen Spencer 1
(released 2022-10-19)

Bitter Into Sweet by Cynthia Lok 1
(released 2022-10-14)

Every Dream (God Who Sees) by Brian Doerksen 3
(released 2022-10-14)

Breakthrough by Danah-Lee 0
(released 2022-10-07)

Barricade by Cynthia Lok 1
(released 2022-09-23)

THE GALLOWS by Joshua Leventhal 3
(released 2022-08-26)

Rise Up Canada by Stephanie Israelson 1
(released 2022-06-01)

O Little Child by Bob Hawkins 0
(released 2022-05-30)

Beautiful Mess by Natasha Zimbaro 3
(released 2022-05-27)

I Am by Natasha Zimbaro 1
(released 2022-05-27)

I'm Not Slowing Down by Stirling John 0
(released 2022-03-28)

Comme L'Oxygène by CC Harvey 0
(released 2022-02-15)

Take a Stand by Stirling John 1
(released 2021-11-01)

Le Rythme de ton Coeur by CC Harvey 0
(released 2021-10-21)

Rat Race by Lola Farinu 0
(released 2021-08-25)

Oh My Soul by Rachelle Luk 2
(released 2021-07-09)

Weight of the Call by Stirling John 0
(released 2021-06-10)

This I Know by Stirling John 0
(released 2021-02-14)

Brave Girl by Rhonda Louise 1
(released 2020-11-12)

Beautiful Grace by Rhonda Louise 0
(released 2020-09-30)

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out feat Ben May by DJC2 2
(released 2020-01-17)

Create In Me a Clean Heart (Psalm 51) by Jason Silver 5
(released 2019-07-30)

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Alisha Eich

Alisha Eich is a GMA nominated artist hailing from Brantford, Ontario, Canada. Alisha Eich is a worship leader and songwriter with a passion for the Kingdom of God...


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