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Barbara Joy


Barbara Joy is a worship leader, singer/songwriter and a GMA Covenant Award Nominee several times over.  Her songs reflect her love for Jesus Christ and its heard within her powerful lyrics.

 Genesis 8:22  " As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease."  This verse was a great inspiration to Barbara Joy as she wrote her third album "Seasons".

 Barbara says, "God has been so faithful throughout all the years and what a joy to worship our loving God".  Seasons includes co-writes with Sharalee Smith , Allison Lynn, and Gerald Flemming, as well as it includes guest artists Sharalee Smith and Rosemary Siemens.  The album is produced by Jordan Jackiew/Tailored Recordings and Eli Bennett/SaxAndViolin Studios for Stille Nacht, Silent Night, and the album design was completed by  Juno Award Winning Roberta Landreth.  

A few highlights that occurred with the release of the album were letters that arrived via airmail from The Queen's Lady-In-Waiting and from the office of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge thanking Barbara for the card and the Seasons CD that were sent to each of them. Barbara exclaimed " What a delight to share the word of God and it is always so amazing  where the Lord will send His Word".  

Barbara has released three full length albums, Seasons 2022, God's Wonder 2018, and A King Has Come Christmas/Winter 2011, receiving GMA Covenant Award Norminations for God's Wonder and A King Has Come.

Barbara Joy would like to thank Goldenwest Radio for their support in playing several of her songs regularly from her last two albums Seasons and God's Wonder and for Made in Manitoba CFAM and CHVN for the interviews throughout the years highlighting her songs, songwriting, music videos and her love for God. Barbara Joy would also like to thank CCLI including all her songs from Seasons and many from God's Wonder so they are available to worship leaders and other artists.  Her songs are also available on Spotify and Apple Music.  Joy would like to include a thank you to GMA for setting up this website giving all the artists an opportunity to get to know each other and listen to the songs that they have written and recorded.  

Barbara leads worship regularly at her home church just outside of Winnipeg where her songs are included in their times of corporate praise and worship.  Brian Doerksen said at one of his workshops at Break Forth January 2019, "songwriters, write songs for your congregation to sing along in worship" and that is exactly what Barbara has done, written songs for her congregation for worship.  Joy is praising the Lord for He is faithfulness and states that God is good all the time.  May the Lord bless you and keep you!  


2012-  GMA Canada - Nominated for Seasonal Album of the Year - A King Has Come/ Christmas/Winter Collection

2018 - GMA Canada - Nominated for Children's Song of the Year - Dragonfly

2018 - GMA Canada - Nominated for Country Song of the Year - Summertime, Summertime

2018 - GMA Canada - Nominated for Southern Gospel Song of the Year- Nothing But the Blood (Washes Over Me)

Awards and Nominations

43rd Covenant Awards and Conference

  • Nominated for the Visual Designer of the Year Award
  • Nominated for the Seasonal Song of the Year Award, for “Away in a Manger (Sweet Jesus)”
  • Nominated for the Folk Song of the Year Award, for “My Freedom”
  • Nominated for the Country Song of the Year Award, for “The Garden”
  • Nominated for the Adult Contemporary Artist of the Year Award
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