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Death To Life

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by Tha Gate Keepa released 2023-04-21 Uploaded 2023-07-20 18:47:04
Written by Tha Gate Keepa

Genre: Rap/HipHop

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Lord, you formed me from the 
clay and from my mother's womb 
you called me by name and you 
called me a son. You're a father 
who loves me and you'll never 
leave me or lead me astray. You 
sent your Holy Son to pay a price 
and to die a death that I could 
never pay. Lord, You took me 
from my grave and you opened 
up my eyes to see a brighter day, 
so thank You for the final breath 
that you breathed on calvary and 
thank you for taking me away from 
the snare of the enemy. 

You made me from the dirt and you 
breathed into me this breath of new life. 
I'm so full of joy because you're grace 
and faithfulness saved me from a life 
of sin and pain. I'm standing on a rock 
because you're the rock of ages and I'm 
turning pages with my eyes on the word 
singing holy is your name. Oh, I praise 
you because you're name is Yahweh,  
your worthy of the fame, You took my 
heart of clay, and you shaped it into a 
heart of love and grace, so because of 
this I glorify you my Lord and my king.

I bow my knee before you and raise 
my eyes to the sky with my hands 
lifted high. Lord I give you glory for 
everything you've done from creating 
the sun, pouring down your rain, and 
removing my stains of selfish pride. 
I no longer need to hide because 
you're the great I Am, the lion and 
the lamb, so I thank you father for 
adopting me in Your Heavenly 
Kingdom and for placing me 
in the palm of your hand.


It is my great pleasure to introduce a gifted gospel rap artist with a vision to see many encouraged and seeking Christ. Tha Gate Keepa is from Calgary Alberta and has a lyrical style that hits the heart and makes people think about life.