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Rejoice (Salvation Has Come)

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by Devon Atkings released 2020-12-08 Uploaded 2023-07-25 11:21:00
Written by Devon Atkings

Genre: Seasonal

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Verse 1:
A special moment in time
A little baby was born
Under the starlit sky
In a stable, dark and cold
Born to be our king
Redemption for the world
The ancient prophecy
The time had finally come

Pre-Chorus 1:
In that moment men bowed down
In that moment angels cried out...Oh!

Rejoice!  Rejoice!  Salvation has come!
The light of God has shone upon the earth!
Rejoice!  Rejoice!  A savior has been born!
The Christ has come, everyone rejoice!

Verse 2:
A special moment in time
Two thousand years ago
Through Jesus’ life
A hope was given to us
We proclaim His name
Redeemer of the world
The ancient prophecy
Good news for everyone

Pre-Chorus 2:
In this moment we bow down
In this moment angels cry out...Oh!

Repeat Chorus x2


My name is Devon and I’m just an everyday guy who loves music.  I never played any instrument until my adult years when I discovered a passion for playing guitar and since then I have poured many hours into developing my musical abilities as best I can.

I have been a volunteer in the worship ministry at my church since the fall of 2006.  During that time God has given me so many wonderful experiences through music in His church…none of which I could have ever imagined.  I believe music is a gift from God and I have seen firsthand how the power of music can encourage people, build people up, and draw people to Jesus... [more]