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I'll Always Be With You

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by Rosemary Siemens released 2021-04-11 Uploaded 2023-06-02 14:33:22
Written by Rosemary Siemens, Troy Samson

Genre: Folk/Roots

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Originally from Plum Coulee, Manitoba, five-time Gospel Music Award winning violinist and vocalist Rosemary Siemens has performed at the Grand Ole Opry, four times at St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican, four times at Carnegie Hall, for two U.S. Presidents and Canadian Prime Ministers, and was the first violinist to ever perform at the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican since its first mass in 1483.

In addition to being awarded “Bluegrass Artist of the Year” from Nashville’s Inspirational Country Music Awards, winning “Country/Gospel Album of the Year” from Canada’s Gospel Music Awards, and being the receiptient of The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond and Platinum Jubilee Medals for her contributions to the arts in Canada, Rosemary has also received over 100 million views across YouTube and Facebook through her weekly YouTube show “Sunday Hymn Serenade”... [more]