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Call Of The Wild

Random Song

by The Color released 2021-05-07 Uploaded 2023-06-02 14:56:21
Written by Jordan Janzen, James Shiels, Carter Frodge, Taylor Agan

Genre: Pop

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Life was different when I was younger
My head and heart were filled with dreams
I had a bigger sense of wonder
With endless possibilities

I started changing as I got older
The fire inside me grew a little colder
You heard me praying over and over
God I wanna see

Like the eyes of a child
That are open for the first time
Like the call of the wild
That is leading me to new heights
Oh this is my great awakening
Revival deep inside of me
With eyes of a child
I can see it for the first time

You’re the awe that lasts forever
Even in the darkest night
I’ll greet Your mercy every morning
As a beautiful surprise

Life is changing as I get older
You’ve been so faithful over and over
Now all of my worries are off of my shoulders
You show me how to see

Running wild
Oh free like I’m made to
Running wild
I don’t have any fear
Running wild
Unashamed, so I’ll keep running, running, running with


    Jordan Janzen - Lead Vocals
    Larry Abrams - Guitars / Vocals
    Tyson Unrau - Drums

A 2x Juno Award winning CCM Pop Band residing from the Canadian Prairies, these bona fide road warriors have been touring North America for the past 10 years and have garnered great success in the industry with a number of singles charting in the Top 50 on Billboard’s CCM Audience Airplay (Surprise at #27 and The Kind Of Man at #42). Along with 20 GMA ‘Covenant Awards’, The Color has received not one, but 2 Juno Awards for Contemporary Christian/Gospel Album of the Year... [more]