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by Why Me Project: Johnny Rocket and Hollie Taylor released 2023-01-25 Uploaded 2023-08-30 22:59:08
Written by Johnny Rocket/Hollie Taylor

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Kevin Sorbo Found True Strength in Faith #shorts^^^^New episode with Kevin Sorbo is out now! Making films, the movie industry, and his "Why Me?" moment. ^^ Listen:^^




Johnny Rocket and Hollie Taylor have been a team for over 10 years and have had the wonderful privellege of launching a podcast, depite now living on oposite sides of the country. Thanks to being a morning show team, The Morning Spin, on 105.9 Shine FM (Edmonton, AB), we had the wonderful privellege of not only incredible 3rd party coaching to help us grow as a team, but also being able to connect with a supportive audience that remains faithful to the podcast even though I now reside in Ontario. The podcast was a collision of an opportunity I received to create a podcast for content for Faith Strong Today and an idea that Johnny had to write a book about regular people's moments in life when they asked the question, 'why me'? The marriage of content and opportunity when podcasting was fairly new in the Canadian Christian space turned out to be an incredible cateloge of encoruaging and compeling stories... [more]